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Navigating the Roller Coaster: Tech Stocks in Recent Times

AT&T Hits a Speed Bump

Hey, friend! Let’s dive in with a bit of a bumpy start, shall we? Our 'ol pal AT&T has taken a stumble recently. Shares slid nearly 7% - a dip that wiped billions off their market value. Why the tumble? Well, according to a Wall Street investigation, there have been rumors of significant job cuts.

The Dow Jones Lifts Heavy

But let’s switch gears to something more uplifting. The Dow Jones Industrial Average just posted a nine-session winning streak. That's right, the first such streak since 2017. This winning run added about 1,000 points to the index. Keep doing those reps, Dow!

Best Bargains: Tech Stocks on Sale

And who doesn't love a bargain? Current tech stocks that are under the radar include Amazon (P/E ratio of 62), Match Group (P/E ratio of just under 40), and DocuSign, boasting a forward P/E of 83[^3^]. But remember, stocks aren't like clearance sales—the cheapest doesn't always mean the best.

The Dark Horses: CrowdStrike and Palantir

Keep your eye on the ball. In this case, the 'ball' is two tech companies—CrowdStrike and Palantir. With projected revenue growth of 74% by 2023 for CrowdStrike and an impressive $89 million contract with the Department of Energy for Palantir, these two are definitely worth watching.

Microsoft: The Friendly Nerd Strikes Gold

Now let’s chat about our favorite tech giant—Microsoft. Recently, their stock climbed by as much as 6%, following the announcement of a new $30 per month AI subscription. This surge pushed their market cap above a mind-boggling $2 trillion!

Taiwan Semiconductor: Weathering the Storm

Last but not the least, let's chat about Taiwan Semiconductor. They freshly revised their sales outlook for 2023, now expecting revenue growth of just 0-5%, a step down from their initial prediction of 10-15%. But stormy weather often brings about a clear blue sky, so stay tuned!

Wrapping it Up: Embrace the Journey

Well, that was a gripping ride, wasn't it? But hey, that's what we do. We dip and soar, swerve and streak, just like the stocks we follow. Let's keep learning, keep inspiring, and - most of all - keep enjoying this wild ride we call the tech industry. Til next time, keep soaring!


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