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Ohio Sales Tax Calculator

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What is Ohio Sales Tax?

Ohio sales tax is a consumption tax levied on a range of goods and services purchased within the state of Ohio. The purpose is to generate revenue for the provision of public services. It operates at three distinct levels, denoted as jurisdictions:

  1. State.

  2. County.

  3. City/municipality.

Ohio boasts a state sales tax of 5.75%, enforced on most products and services, although certain exceptions apply in line with state law. Alongside this, individual counties within Ohio apply an additional sales tax ranging from 0.75% to 2.25%. Overall, no city or municipality level sales tax exists. However, some counties implement a special rate of 0.5%, referred to as the special district tax.

The cumulative sales tax rate in Ohio, therefore, is not fixed. It fluctuates between 5.75% and 8.5%, depending on the location within the state and the possible application of any special district tax.

How to Use the Ohio Sales Tax Calculator

The Ohio Sales Tax Calculator is a straightforward tool that simplifies the process of calculating sales tax on goods or services you wish to purchase.

To use this calculator, follow the steps below:

  1. Input Purchase Amount: Enter the total amount of your intended purchase. This is the price without any tax applied.

  2. Provide Purchase Location ZIP Code: Enter the ZIP code of the location where the purchase is being made or delivered. This information is necessary to determine the applicable county sales tax and any special district rates applicable.

You will instantly be shown the applicable sales tax for your indicated purchase and location.

Ohio Sales Tax Calculator: An Actual Example

Let's consider a realistic example to illustrate the application of the Ohio sales tax calculator.

Suppose you intend to purchase a car in Columbus, priced at $15,000. You will need to enter the ZIP code for Columbus, which is 45830, and the purchase price of $15,000 into the calculator.

Once you input this information, the calculator will break down and display the sales tax amount as follows:

  • Ohio State Sales Tax Rate: 5.75%. Tax amount: $862.50.

  • Allen County Sales Tax Rate: 1.25%. Tax amount: $187.50.

The total sales tax stands at 7%, leading to a tax amount of $1,050.

Please, note that this tool operates based on the state tax rates applicable in Ohio as of October 2022. Its results should be considered an estimate, and it is always advisable to consult a professional for accurate calculations.

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