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Annuity Payout Calculator

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What is Annuity Payout?

An annuity payout refers to the steady flow of income disbursed from an annuity fund to the annuitant over a specific period of time. Annuities are typically purchased from insurance companies, which invest the premium paid into financial assets such as stocks and bonds, generating returns that enable them to guarantee a steady stream of income during the payout phase.

Annuity payout options may vary, and they often include fixed payment, lump sum, fixed length, life annuity, multiple life annuity, and other options. The term, amount, and frequency of the annuity payouts depend on the chosen payout option and the performance of the annuity fund.

How to Use an Annuity Payout Calculator

To use an annuity payout calculator, you need to know and input several parameters:

  1. Initial balance: This is the present value of the annuity, representing the balance at the beginning of the payout phase.

  2. Type of annuity: Select between an annuity due (payments at the beginning of the period) or an ordinary annuity (payments at the end of the period).

  3. Annuity Rate: This is the interest rate by which the annuity grows each year.

  4. Length of annuity: The period during which the annuity pays out.

In an advanced setting, you could also input:

  1. Compounding method: This is the frequency at which interest is added to the balance.

  2. Final balance: This is the expected balance at the end of the annuity terms.

  3. Annual/periodic growth rate: This enables you to set a specific rate of change in the annuity payout.

Once these values are inputted, the calculator will provide the annuity payout details.

An Actual Example to Demonstrate the Calculator

Let’s say you've invested in an ordinary annuity, and at the beginning of the payout phase, your initial balance is $100,000. You expect an annuity growth rate of 5% per year, and you want to receive payouts over 10 years.

Using these values in the annuity payout calculator:

  1. Initial balance: $100,000

  2. Type of annuity: Ordinary annuity

  3. Annuity rate: 5%

  4. Length of annuity: 10 years

The calculator will estimate the regular withdrawal amount you’ll receive over the ten-year period. In this scenario, you would be able to withdraw approximately $1,060.66 per month over 10 years. The exact figures may vary based on factors like exact interest rate calculations and time frames.

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